A little more about us

The Aromáticas de Palma is brand that belongs to the company of Ghenadie Belostecinic, is dedicated to production and sale of aromatic, medicinal and herbal plants. We take full advantage of the natural resources around us, leading up to our customer the best herbs produced in organic production, while always preserving the environment. 


Aromáticas de Palma is a brand belonging to the company Ghenadie Belostecinic (company dedicated to services related to agriculture, like construction of vineyards and forests), the brand is dedicated to the production,export and commercialization of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP).

The brand came from the need to get closer to our consumers, also selling our products in small quantities that suit their needs.
The name of the brand "Aromáticas de Palma", appeared through the name of the farm. Monte de Palma, is located in the Alentejo, in an area of about 2 hectares.

The Aromáticas de Palma is a project aimed at the production and marketing of herbal medicinal products. The production is completely organic, which ensures that our plants have higher quality.




Our Mission

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers by producing aromatic and medicinal plants biological quality, preserving the environment.

Providing the finest quality and selection of herbs;
Team work;
Commitment to our clients;
Respect for employees;

We value your feedback and want you to be a part of our growing community. Share your stories with us.




We like to produce new plants and have new products, so we have a wide variety of plants, ranging from edible flowers to infusions and condiments.
We are dedicated to the production of honey and bee venom (apitoxin).

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