Frequently Asked Questions

How do biodynamic and biological products differ?

Essentially we can say that all biodynamic products are organic, but not all organic products are biodynamic.

Biodynamic agriculture works using the basic principles of organic agriculture together with the use of a strict astronomical calendar and specific biodynamic compounds and preparations that aim to dynamize the soil's microbiological fauna, thus creating a rich and nutritious ecosystem from which our plants are part, and where they can grow in balance with nature.

What is Demeter?

Demeter is a certification for biodynamic products.

Only farmers inspected and certified by the Demeter organization can use this mark.

Demeter's standard requirements are higher than those for common organic products, thus acting as a seal of trust and high quality.

Aromáticas d'Palma production

Aromáticas d'Palma is a project specializes in the organic and biodynamic production of high quality aromatic and medicinal plants.

Our production system aims to minimize the impact of man on nature by making the agricultural system as natural as possible, making use of natural resources.

You can find more information about our project and our plants through our website and social networks.

I have not received my order. What should I do?

As a rule, delivery takes place up to 7 working days after ordering to mainland Portugal, and up to 15 working days after ordering to Portugal - Islands and other European countries.If, after these deadlines the order has not arrived, you can contact our team through so that we can send you the tracking code that allows us to ascertain the location of the parcel.

In the event that the order has been lost, the value of the order will be returned or it may alternatively be used for a new purchase.

Can I exchange a product?

Requests for exchanges, cancellations or returns are analyzed on a case-by-case basis, and must arrive in writing to the contact email, within 15 DAYS after ordering, with the instructions for cancellation or return of the merchandise being answered and defined by Aromáticas d'Palma, by the same means of communication.

Returned products must be in conditions of sale, that is, in the same condition as they arrived in the User's hands, without any anomaly or damage, in their original packaging with the inviolability seal intact. If the value resulting from the exchange of products in an order is lower or higher than the initial value of the order, the settlement conditions will be indicated by Aromáticas d’Palma.
Only the value of the product will be returned, shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.

If the item I purchased runs out of stock, how do I get refunded?

In the event of this happening, our team will contact you via email address, the monetary value of the item will be refunded or, alternatively, it can be used to place a new order.

When will I be refunded for a return?

Upon arrival of the product, and after it has been confirmed to be in conditions of sale, Aromáticas d’Palma undertakes to refund the User within a maximum period of 10 BUSINESS DAYS.

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