Aromáticas d’Palma is a Biodynamic Agriculture project, developed by Ghenadie Belostecinic, in the heart of Alentejo, near the World Heritage city of Évora.

Originally from Moldova, Ghenadie was born into a humble family of teachers. The land has always been present in the family’s life, producing their own vegetables and wine. Although they were unaware of the concept, it was quite similar to biodynamic farming.

A strong passion for working the soil and the dream of producing his own wine, led Ghenadie to start his own agricultural and forestry service company, two years after arriving in Portugal.

In 2008, with the help of his family, Ghenadie bought a property where he dedicates himself to producing aromatic plants in an organic way. 

In 2012, Ghenadie met the world of Biodynamics at a trade fair in Germany, dedicated to organic products, BioFach. Ghenadie becomes passionate about the concept to which he dedicates his body and soul and turns biodynamic production into a life and personal growth’s project.

After specializing in Biodynamic Agriculture by ABIOP - Biodynamic Association Portugal, and after 5 years of organic farming, Ghenadie obtains the Demeter certificate, the highest level of Biodynamics.

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