In our plantation, we follow the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture, which are based on the concept of organic farming, combined with the old lunar planting method and the use of natural remedies.

Our plants are cultivated in Alentejo, taking in consideration the subtle influences of the sun and the moon, as well as the other planets of the solar system and constellations of the zodiac, according to a rigorous astronomical calendar.

The combination of these forces, together with our care and dedication, lead to a high quality plant, which reflects an exquisite aroma and taste.

We give special importance to the soils and plants quality. Our production system aims to minimize the impact of man on nature by making the agricultural system as natural as possible, making use of natural resources.

Rigorous and complete process verification ensures compliance with Demeter regulations for products and production, without fail, step by step, from field production, through all elaboration processes, to the final product packaging.

Demeter standard requirements are higher than those required for organic products, as they add very specific requirements that strengthen the vital processes of the land and food, actively contributing to creating a more dignified and righteous future.

Demeter is a certification for biodynamic agricultural products. 

Demeter standard requirements are higher than those required for organic products, offering healthy foods with distinctive flavors or, as we say, “food with character”.

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