Demeter is a certification for biodynamic agricultural products. Only farmers inspected and certified by the Demeter organization, can use this mark.

Biodynamic agriculture was founded in Germany, in 1924, by Rudolf Steiner in response to a group of farmers who asked Steiner for guidance on solving the problems of environmental degradation arising from agricultural practices.

The term biodynamics comes from the composition of two words: biological and dynamic. Biological refers to an agriculture inherent to nature, which drives vital cycles and the integration of animal and plant activities within the farm. Dynamic, refers to the farmer’s knowledge, applied to nature’s growth.

In the biodynamic approach, the farm is seen as an organism, an individuality that has in itself all that is necessary for its sustainability, making it self-sustainable. There is a close relationship between soil, plants, animals and the cycles of the earth and the cosmos.

The most favorable time to sow, plant and harvest are chosen by an astronomical calendar, using the active forces influenced by the position of the stars in the sky, (each with their chemical compositions) acting on the chemicals and water resources on Earth.

Unlike conventional agriculture, the biodynamic method is not intended to maximize short-term production. At the center of its interest is life, with the primary focus on improving health, beauty (as a result of harmony) and seeking constancy as if it were a living organism, where its mineral, plant and animal components reach an absolute balance.

In practice, biodynamic agriculture shares some aspects with organic farming. However they are fundamentally distinguished by three structural elements: the use of biodynamic preparations to treat soil and plants, the compost used as fertilizer and the use of an astrological calendar in choosing the times to carry out agricultural activities.

From the biodynamic perspective, mankind has a mission to accomplish on earth: the biodynamic farmer cooperates with different life forms, creating relationships with all the kingdoms of nature. The underlying idea is that “heaven gives birth, the earth feeds, and Man improves it.”

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