Infusão de Hortelã Biológica
 Folhas de Hortelã Biológica
Infusão de Hortelã Biológica
 Folhas de Hortelã Biológica


Aromáticas d'Palma
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Mentha spicata

Category: Infusion
Property: Wellness

Presentation: Whole Leaves
Aroma/Flavor: Mild refreshing, peppery menthol flavor

Certificates: Organic and Biodynamic
Net Weight: 15 g



It can be used in infusions, both hot and cold, and in the most varied dishes, cakes, sweets and soft drinks. It is a plant well known for its health benefits and used for its medicinal properties. Bright golden infusion, dazzling with a softly scented aroma, recalling jasmine flowers and country walks. The palate is simultaneously refreshed by its soft minty aftertaste and sweetened by the peppery floral notes.

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