Tomilho - Condimento Biológico
 Tomilho - Folhas Biológicas Secas
Tomilho - Condimento Biológico
 Tomilho - Folhas Biológicas Secas


Aromáticas d'Palma
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Thymus vulgaris

Category: Seasonings

Presentation: Whole Leaves
Aroma/Taste: pleasant aroma and intense flavor resembling cloves and camphor

Certificates: Organic and Biodynamic
Net Weight: 20 g



Thyme is very popular in the kitchen as an aromatic to prepare meat and fish, with a pleasant aroma and pungent flavor with a flavor that resembles cloves and camphor, which provides food with a unique and delicious taste.

It is a plant well known for its health benefits and used for its medicinal properties. Roman soldiers bathed in thyme-infused water to gain vigor,courage, and strength. Thyme has antiseptic qualities and it also helps in the digestion of fats.

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